Southern Charm meets
Midwestern Tenacity

About us

When we partnered in 2016 to start our own real estate firm, we had a very clear vision of who we are personally and professionally. We identified our dream location in historic Reynolda Village and, against a lot of odds, created the perfect space for our business to grow.

We changed our name from LM Realty (super original, we know) to Village Realty to not only reflect our amazing location, but also how we feel about the friends, family, agents and clients we serve. We love our Village!

We had the hardest time coming up with a “tagline” that let people know what we do and how we do it.

We are very candid about the fact that we will never tell you what to do (our husbands may chime in here and say we are bossy, but only with them). We will present you with all of the facts and options, then guide you based on our experience and knowledge.

And we want you to know HOW we are going to guide you, represent you and negotiate on your behalf. There are so many things we want to tell you… we are Authentic, Experienced, Persistent, Strategic, Tenacious, Thorough, Relentless, Reliable, Trustworthy, Sincere, Energetic…

But when a friend shared over drinks one day that we are a great mix of Grit and Grace, we knew we had found it.

“Guiding you with Grit and Grace” became our official tagline.

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